Small-Group Coaching

All of our small-group sessions include an on-camera component and personalized coaching for every participant. We offer small-group programs in Media Training, Presentation Coaching and Storytelling.

Large-Group Training

Our large-group trainings elevate a specific skill set across an entire team. We provide large-group programs on Power Presenting, Power Meetings, Image and Impact and Best in Class Business Behaviors.

Executive Coaching

CEOs, CFOs, company presidents and other executives deserve the personalized attention of one-on-one coaching. We provide one-on-one Media Training, Presentation and Speech Coaching and Executive Image consulting.



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Media Training

Our proprietary media training transforms how professionals prepare for and perform in interviews and other high-stakes Q and A situations. Anchored by on-camera interviews with veteran journalists, participants master the surefire system for staying on-message and away from trouble.

Available Programs

  • Bluestone’s Bulletproof Media Training (Small-group)

  • Facing the Firing Line (Large-group)

  • Executive Media Training (One-on-one)


Presentation Coaching

Our presentation coaching programs will rapidly propel professionals from the role of “expert” to the realm of “leader.” We use on-camera training to capture, then correct, refine and perfect each professional’s authentic style to ensure audience engagement and build front-of-the-room confidence. 

Available Programs:

  • Power Presenting (Large-group Workshop)

  • Storytelling for Business (Large or Small-group)

  • Presentation Coaching (Small-group or One-on-One)


Speech Writing and Coaching

Our speech writing services are intensive and personal and so are the connections our speakers achieve with their audiences. Early in the process, we interview the executive to mine for important details and to distill broad stroke ideas into moving content, capturing into words what’s on their minds and in their hearts so that they can deliver the speech of a lifetime.

Available Programs:

  • Speech Writing Assistance

  • Speech Coaching

  • TED Talks and Keynote Speeches


Financial Presentations

Our financial communication coaching empowers financial professionals to tell a compelling company story that builds confidence in leadership, while respecting regulatory requirements and protecting proprietary information. On-camera practice prepares your professional to face analysts, investors, the Board and the media with poise and confidence.

Available Programs:

  • Financial Presentation Coaching for CEOs and CFOs

  • Earnings Call Prep and Rehearsals

  • Financial Media Training


Slide Support and Visual Storytelling

Our graphic designers are expert at distilling abstract or complex content into compelling, clear, crisp visuals that enhance audience engagement and understanding. We’re available to update and elevate your slides or to teach your team how to create meaningful and memorable slides on their own.

Available Programs:

  • Slide Therapy (large-group Workshop)

  • On-site Slide Support (Custom Support)

  • Visual Storytelling Clinics


Professional Image and Best in Class Business Etiquette

In today’s globally competitive marketplace, how professionals present themselves directly impacts business outcomes. Our Professional Image and Business Etiquette programs ensure every team member–from the C-suite to reception–represents your brand at its best.

Available Programs for Large or Small Groups:

  • Professional Image and Impact

  • Best in Class Business Etiquette

  • Own the Room: Networking with Impact

  • Own the Trade Show: Maximizing ROI at Conferences


Our complete list of services.

From developing messages that resonate to coaching frontline communicators to more effectively advocate for their organizations, Bluestone Executive Communications helps clients better leverage all communication to their advantage.

  • Keynote speaking

  • Accent reduction coaching

  • Transition communication plans

  • Crisis communication

  • Debate prep

  • Employee communications

  • Employment interview prep

  • Executive presence coaching

  • Media training

  • Message development

  • International communication coaching

  • Press conference prep

  • Prezi lessons and support

  • Public speaking coaching

  • Speech writing and prep

  • TED talk preparation

  • Teleprompter training

  • Transition communication assistance

  • Writing instruction and assistance

  • Campaign strategy and assistance

  • Executive image consulting (wardrobe, makeup, hair, posture)

  • Business etiquette consulting and training

“Your team was engaging, interesting and fun from start to finish and best of all, left a long-lasting impression. The feedback from my team was only positive!”

— President; Auto Supply Company; Plymouth, MI