Because we often speak loudest with no words at all, Bluestone Executive Communications has launched The Image Institute.

The Image Institute empowers professionals to approach every professional situation with confidence so they can always be at their best–whether at a high-stakes customer meeting, a client dinner, a trip overseas, a networking event or day to day work. The Image Institute provides clients with an understanding of the expectations and arms them with impeccable manners and social graces as well as smart but authentic wardrobe, hair, makeup, grooming and accessory choices.

Our services include:

  • Etiquette workshops on the following topics:
    • "Manners for Millennials" (Course to assist early career professionals in becoming more adept at interacting face to face with poise and polish.)
    • "Digital Decorum" (including Email Etiquette.)
    • "Don't Be the Jerk at Work: Manners for the Modern Office."
    • "Dine Like a Diplomat" (fine dining lesson for individuals or groups.)
    • International Etiquette (customized for cultures most relevant to your business.)
  • Professional Image and Impact seminars on developing an authentic, professional wardrobe. 
  • Individual style consultations (Covering wardrobe, hair, grooming and accessories–and makeup for women.) 
  • Professional shopping assistance.
  • Confidential consultations and discrete referrals on matters of cosmetic dentistry, facial rejuvenation.

For more information, including pricing on any of these programs, email us at or call 248.514.7085.


About Danielle Kovachevich

Certified Etiquette Instructor, Danielle Kovachevich specializes in helping professionals navigate the modern business world with the social graces that bring dignity to daily work. Her expertise includes domestic and international business protocol, digital decorum and fine dining etiquette.

Danielle is a core member of the Bluestone Executive Communications Image Institute, where she leads programs such as “Manners for Millennials,” “Email Etiquette,” “Business Protocol for Busy Professionals,” and “Poise and Polish: A Finishing School for Executives.”

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education at Michigan State University and studied in the South of France while earning a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development. Prior to joining Bluestone Executive Communications, Danielle taught secondary education and wrote curriculum for various school districts. She is an active committee member of the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. She is certified in Etiquette Instruction by the Etiquette Institute of St. Louis.


About Jon Jordan

Executive Stylist and Image Consultant Jon Jordan has an exceptional talent for translating style in a way that is empowering, relevant and refreshing for professionals at all levels. Jon has helped dozens of Bluestone executives transform their "visual communication" in a way that is authentic to their personality, but better serves their business interests, whether at a customer meeting, in the office, in the Board room or on the golf course.

Jon serves as a consultant for Post-Newsweek Television stations across the country. In addition, his long list of VIP clients includes President Bill Clinton, Cindy Crawford, Maria Shriver and Matt Lauer, along with dozens of C-suite executives at many of the country’s largest corporations.

An on-air talent in his own right, Jon regularly appears on television and in other media to share his exceptional talent for translating trends in a way that is relevant, flattering and affordable to all. He has covered couture from the red carpet at The Golden Globe Awards and reported live from London during royal celebrations. He even pops up occasionally on NBC’s iconic “Days of our Lives” in the small role of Dr. Brent. Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan.