The Shiny Object Media Can't Resist

I've attended a number of public relations conferences at which a media panel has been assembled to share insights about how organizations can get more press. On every occasion, across the board, the reporters' answers are the same.


More video. Better video. Different video. Video.

And that's not just the answer given by the TV stations and digital outlets. That's that answer given by The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, Reuters and countless trade journalists.

In today's digital world, all media outlets are video-driven, with their audiences continuously seeking fresh, different and more video. And reporters are not embarrassed to admit that story pitches that come with video are much more likely to capture their attention, spark their imagination and yes, get coverage.

Reporters and editors want more video from sources because we, the public, want more video from media. In fact, we want video from everyone, including businesses, employers and potential employers.

For those of us tasked with using communication to drive results, this should spell opportunity. But in reality, it spells headache! We know we should use video, but deciding when, where and how to get started can be overwhelming.

So here are some relatively quick, easy and inexpensive video projects almost any organization can immediately undertake to increase attention and results:

  • Create a video company overview. Frame your brand with a one to three minute video, detailing products, services, employees or culture---or all of that.
  • Profile employees. Interview three or four employees to showcase the diversity of your team and let them tell others why they love their jobs.
  • Profile executives. Let top brass brag about their employees, products and customers-all the while demonstrating leadership and executive presence.
  • Product Spotlight. Highlight a signature service or product (or a new service or product) to show off what your organization does best.
  • Video News Releases. Bolster any news release by including video of the event, person or product you think deserves coverage.

Need an example? Here's an organizational overview we recently produced for New York law firm, Outten & Golden, LLP, through the voice of founding partner, Wayne Outten. 

This was one in a series of simple videos we created to help the firm connect with potential clients, recruit new talent and show off to media.

If your idea, organization, products, or talent deserve more attention than they're getting, maybe it's time to flash that one irresistible, shiny object that, time and again, audiences say they crave: "Video."

Give it a try and let us know how it works or what else might work better. For more great ideas and tips for rock solid communication, check out our blog "Let's Be Clear," visit, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @bluestoneexec.